Over the last several years ticks have become, and continue to be, a growing concern in Southern York County, and the New Hampshire seacoast general. Lyme disease is no longer a threat in these areas; it’s a reality. Over 1,100 cases of Lyme disease occur annually in the state of Maine. York County ranks as the number one county in the state of Maine to contract the disease.

In the state of New Hampshire Rockingham county holds the highest rate of Lyme disease. State wide more than 1400 cases occur each year.

There are also three other diseases on the rise that people need to be aware of that can be worse than Lyme disease. Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis and Powassan are now serious problems as well.

Ecotech Pest Control has created a treatment for home owners that helps reduce the chances of family members and pets being bitten by ticks. We first suggest IPM measures that you can take to help eliminate harborage areas (living sites), for the ticks. To control the tick population on your property we use the Tick Box Control System, to eradicate ticks.




Mice and chipmunks are the main food source for ticks. A tick attaches itself to a host, bites, then ingests blood. The Tick Box applies a tick treatment to the rodents on and around your property. As the rodents forage they in turn pick up the ticks and the treatment on them is lethal to the tick. This treatment is very similar to that of Front Line for dogs and cats.


The first is that it covers a greater area than possible with a traditional broadcast spray from a backpack, or granular treatment which only affects the edges of your yard. If you leave the area where the traditional treatment was applied the service does not help you. Mice and chipmunks cover much larger areas as they forage going deep into wooded areas and fields thus affecting tick populations in those areas as they move. The second advantage is that this treatment method is effective year round. So even during the fall and early spring your yard is being protected and is cumulative from year to year in reducing the overall tick population around your home. Finally, planning service with your neighbor helps treat a far larger area that will reduce your cost by coordinating station placement between properties. For example if neighbors need two box placements along a property line then each neighbor would only need to pay for one.

Please visit our friends at the Tick Box TCS web site and learn more about how the system works.
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