The past couple of decades have shown a spike in tick-borne disease transmission, especially in the York County and NH Seacoast areas. Lyme disease, Powassan virus, Babesiosis and Ehrlichiosis cause major debilitative illnesses spread by infected tick species, afflicting people in the North East with life-changing symptoms that last for months, or even years. While not every tick you find may be infected with these maladies, many are. At Ecotech Pest Control, we take the health and safety of our customers very seriously. Our tick treatments focus on likely high-density tick population areas on your property with the goal of significantly reducing these pests and their odds of harming your family.

Our technicians treat for ticks using backpack sprayers that allow us to make a thorough sweep of your property’s problem zones, targeting hard-to-reach areas under leaf litter and into thick vegetation ground cover. Our botanically-based insecticide, based on extracts of the Chrysanthemum plant, are effective immediately after treatment, and will naturally break down in the environment through contact with sunlight and microbes. Most customers find that both a mid-Spring and late-Summer treatment are sufficient to keep their yard protected during peak-use times spent outside.

Things Home owners can do to help prevent ticks.

  1. Keep lawns mowed regularly and often. Short grass does not provide enough shade or moisture, and is not a conducive environment for ticks to live in.
  2. Remove leaf litter. This is one of the ticks favorite places to live.
  3. Reduce shaded areas. Ticks need moist areas to live and natural sun light will help dry out those moist areas around the yard.
  4. Clear-out those Pachysandra patches! Low-lying, thick vegetation provides ample amounts of shade and moisture retention that ticks (and rodents) love!