Thomas Pray, B.S., founder and owner of Ecotech Pest Control Services, is a degreed Entomologist with 25 years of field experience, and fifteen years as a successful business owner operator. He will answer your call and your questions, then provide your service personally.

Ecotech Pest Control serves the N.H. Seacoast and southern York county

, ME., and is fully licensed and insured.

More than 1400 cases of lyme disease a year in NH,
in Maine 1100

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Fly Cage

antsCarpenter Ants: they do not eat wood but like to make a house out of wood like we do.

ticks Number of people to get Lyme disease in 2010 in the state of NH 1211 and Maine791.

miceMice: only need 1/4 inch crack to get into your home.


There are over 45 species of mosquito on the seacoast and not all of them bite people

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