blackbig-antTom does a fabulous job. He has taken care of our ant problem. Since we started to use Tom three years ago, we have not seen an ant.
blackantTom is there when you need him & has provided better results than the previous company I used. Thanks Tom.
yellowbig-beeWe are so pleased with Tom's reliable and outstanding service year after year. We had a problem with aggressive wasps that were getting into our house and stinging us regularly. From his first visit the results were immediate and effective. He now sprays the yard for ticks. Because of Ecotech my family can enjoy our backyard and use our deck again, thanks so much!
yellow-beeWhen you have to get up in the middle of the night to do the early morning news the last thing you need is a swarm of yellow jackets invading the house. Thanks for effortlessly solving the problem... as well as the others over the years.
mosquitoI’ve been using Ecotech for over five years . Tom calls me back immediately and promptly comes to my home to check any issues. I use Ecotech for twice-a-year preventative insect treatment, mosquito spraying and critter issues. I’ve recommended Ecotech to my neighbors.